Hi, I’m Jason Reagan! 

I grew up passionate about health and fitness from as early as I can remember. I’ve never been satisfied with how much I can tinker with and improve our lives. My earliest traditional education is in physical fitness, Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, fitness trainer, bodybuilding champ, the works. Then at age 28 everything changed for me…my mind broke. Well, technically I endured an emotional devastation, but the fact that no commonplace solutions made a dent in my suffering led me into a dark period of time. 

Then I found solutions. These I had to go on a journey to find, but they worked so immediately and so strongly that I devote my life now to sharing these solutions. I’ve been blessed to bring relief to hundreds of people in multiple countries. This includes founding and operating a community center, working closely with health retreats and my favorite is still coaching individuals in releasing their trauma. 

Marriage and relationships are a complex animal, especially if one or both partners have endured tragedy. While we all have unique problems and situations, the solutions can be surprisingly simple. By engaging these simple solutions and transforming ourselves from the inside out, we can find ourselves suddenly in a blissful partnership, the frustrations gone and the formula for happiness very easy to carry out on a regular basis. 

This is what I bring to the table. Are you hungry?