Meet Stephanie

Having released former trauma that was holding her back, Stephanie is ecstatic with her current relationship and life.

Stephanie is a great example of how trauma you have endured years ago, through no fault of your own, can sabotage your best intentions and future. By focusing on releasing the trauma, her relationship, career and life have taken off.

“I did feel relief, I felt a weight lifted. I was processing it in a new way, detaching my identity to it and realizing that those emotions were still there. But now when I think about it (the trauma), yes it happened but it doesn’t make me want to hide now and stop everything else in my life which is what I was doing. I would go into these ruts where I would be really stuck. I pick myself up a lot quicker now.

This work was a lot smoother than I thought, it was not scary.

Yes some emotions came up but it was amazing to see that in 25 minutes I found that calm and released a lot of those negative feelings. During that session I had multiple different emotions from worthlessness, depressed, dirty towards anger at the end which is not a feeling I usually get.

My body language and how I would feel on the inside previous to doing this, I would just shut down, my heart would race, I would almost be in tears instantly not being able to talk about it. I felt weak and I wanted to hide. I felt toxic and negative, my whole stomach would be affected. It’s crazy how the body responds to stuff you’ve been through. And this was years after (the trauma) had happened so to still be going through that was very frustrating.

I found my own inner power and strength to overcome things.

Today when I think of the event I know exactly what happened, I can see it clearly, I don’t cry, like right now I would have been crying and not even forming words and clamming up. The fact that I can even talk is eye opening. It crosses my mind here and there, but nothing like before because I feel more focused on what I can do now.

I wasn’t allowing myself to feel those emotions before, so that really helped because I felt them fully for the first time and I’ve been able to at home advance what we did and stay on that path.

My self worth is coming back and in my business I feel more deserving of being happy and successful. Before I didn’t see myself as that person. It opens the doors to more healing too because before I didn’t have the strength to even face things or tackle that inner work whereas now I do instead of stuffing it down again.

I recommend it because if you are suffering or in a dark space like that, it’s not medication, it’s not toxic stuff into your body. It’s pure.

We all have stuff, so just face it, don’t ignore it because it does affect all aspects of our lives.

The only thing I was doubtful of is maybe it wouldn’t work on me. I usually put a lot of pressure on myself like am I too broken, have too much baggage or pain to release, but I’ve noticed a big difference! It was simple, it was worth it and it did open a lot of doors.”